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Arctic Circle Express from Akureyri

Arctic Circle Express from Akureyri

Take the opportunity and come on board this cruise and sail from Akureyri to Grimsey island and walk across the arctic circle and see the puffins in the island and whales of Akureyri.

You will have the chance to cross the Arctic Circle in a matter of few hours in Grimsey island.

The island is a gem on the Arctic Circle (66°N) only 25 nautical miles off the north coast of Iceland. The island is inhabitated with courageous people. The population is of total 80 persons whose living bread is fishing in the Arctic sea and tourism.

Grímsey is a charming and unique destination where you will meet friendly locals who can tell you stories galore about the hardship of living in such a windswept and secluded spot on the globe. When arriving on the island you will watch the puffins which are one of Grimsey´s trade mark. During the visit to the island you will be guided to the photospot as well as to the community house where you will taste the delicious local fish plate. On the way to and from Grímsey you will see the breathtaking scenery of Eyjafjordur, the island Hrísey and have the oportunity to look at the whales of Akureyri.

During the whole trip you will be told all about the scenery, the whales, the puffins, the local food and the people of Grímsey.

This tour is operated by a DaytripFactory Partner.

Location: Torfunesharbour in the heart of Akureyri town just down from the main church.

Duration: 6 hours roughly.

What to bring: Warm clothing, camera.

What included:

  • Five different watching platforms
  • 360° panorama from top deck
  • Commentary through on board sound system
  • Heated indoor cabin with toilet facilities
  • Comfortable cushioned seats & ample space
  • Visit Grimsey island.
  • Crossing the arctic circle
  • Delicious Grimsey island taste fish plate

Food: Light snacks, sandwiches, coffee, beer & soft drinks available on board

Tour operator: DaytripFactory Partner