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Horse Theater – Legends of Sleipnir

Horse Theater – Legends of Sleipnir

The show demonstrates the Icelandic horse’s beauty and uniqueness.

Horse Theater Performance - 45 minutes show

The Legends of Sleipnir, employs large-scale multimedia and special effects to weave together history, old Norse mythology and exhibition riding to demonstrate the Icelandic horse’s beauty and uniqueness. The result is a magical theatrical experience that emphasizes the Icelandic horse’s special features and pays tribute to its historical relationship with humans throughout Iceland’s history.

To maximize viewing pleasure, great resources have been put into creating sound and visuals. A 40 meter long screen serves as a backdrop for the performance, and an original soundtrack was composed by one of Iceland’s leading musicians and producer, Barði Jóhannsson.

The name of the show refers to Norse mythology, according to which the Icelandic horse descends from the greatest horse of all time, Sleipnir the eight-legged horse of Odinn. The stage itself is the biggest in Iceland (1600 m2) and lit up with first-class theater lighting. The result is a fun and entertaining experience that showcases the uniqueness of the Icelandic horse. This is truly a one-of-a-kind experience in Iceland.

This show is operated by Fákasel a DaytripFactory Partner.

Free admission for children under 12 years old accompanied by parents.

Location: Fákasel - between the towns of Hveragerði and Selfoss

Duration: 45 minutes

What to bring: Camera and good mood

At location: Excellent restaurant and souvenir shop

Tour operator: Fákasel a DaytripFactory Partner