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Adventure Paragliding in Vík

Adventure Paragliding in Vík

While at the South Coast of Iceland take the tandem paragliding experience – fly and enjoy stunning views of Vik area, black beach and have a lot of fun up in the sky above Iceland.

While driving the Iceland South coast make a stop at Vik town and come fly above the stunning landscape, see the mystic mountains, cliffs, black beach into the glaciers and for miles and miles with experienced pilots. Take the shots you've always dreamt of taking from above.

Paragliding is the calmest and safest form of free flying known to man. A tandem flight is performed with an experienced instructor pilot. Once the wing is inflated and safety checks are done few steps are taken down a slope then step into the air. Read the following information carefully before you show up for your flight.

As a passenger you need no prior knowledge, just come with us and experience the world from a new and exciting perspective.

This tour is operated by a DaytripFactory Partner

Paragliders are structures with a soft wing and no internal frame. You are connected to the wing by at least 30 lines any of which is strong enough to support your full body weight. The speed of flying is slower compared to other methods and the seat is very comfy almost like a lounge chair which allows you to relax and enjoy the views straight after take-off.

Included:  Paragliding flight with instructor pilot and all neccessary gear.

You will need:

  • Closed shoes, hiking boots are best
  • Warm clothes, as it is colder in the air than on the ground
  • Gloves
  • A thin hat to fit under your helmet

Flight duration:

  • Tandem paragliding flights vary in duration and it is not possible to guarantee a specific flight time due to the changeable nature of the wind and general weather conditions in Iceland
  • The aim is to fly for 10-15 minutes, but if weather conditions are not ideal and the flight might be short and you will be informed beforehand.


  • You can bring your camera at your own risk
  • Your pilot will be equipped with a high definition video camera from which you can get the files

Meeting point: Be on time at the operator´s location:

  • Suðurvíkurvegur 5
  • 870 Vík (in Mýrdal Valley)
  • South Iceland


  • Flights only take off when the weather conditions are safe
  • If conditions are anything less than perfect before take-off, the option is to wait for them to improve or walk away and try again another time
  • An Introductory Paragliding Tandem Flight is always at your own risk.

Operator: DaytripFactory Partner

More info: for more info or group reservation contact