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Reykjavík- Flightseeing -Moon Safari

Reykjavík- Flightseeing -Moon Safari

See volcano craters, Blue lagoon, hot springs, Reykjavik and where the Atlantic ridge enters Iceland.

This tour takes you over the diverse landscape of Reykjanes peninsula, featuring volcanic craters, geothermal regions and hot springs. The mid-Atlantic ridge is nowhere as clearly visible as here, especially when seen from above. This undersea mountain range spans the entire length of the Atlantic Ocean floor. It marks the boundary between the American and Eurasian tectonic plates. The largest portion of the ridge, which is exposed above sea level, is Iceland itself, making this a must-see feature.

Enjoy an amazing moon like scenery over the Reykjanes Peninsula in an airplane. What you can expect to see:  After taking off at Reykjavik airport your will see Reykjavik city & Surroundings, Volcano craters, Blue lagoon, Hot spring fields and "Aliens".

This tour is operated by Atlantsflug a DaytripFactory Partner.

Atlantsflug people in plane

Location / take off : Reykjavik airport, Hangar 1 ( behind Natura hotel)

 Duration approx. 45 min.

What to bring: Camera and good mood.

Tour operator: Atlantsflug a DaytripFactory Partner

The staff of Atlantsflug is experienced and has provided aviation related services to thousands of customers over the years, this being; aircraft charter, sightseeing flights, aerial photography, air ambulance services, air cargo transport as well as aircraft maintenance.

Atlantsflug offers aircrafts that have proven their excellence in Iceland for many years. Our flight operation is conducted under strict “EASA” regulations, known as “EU-Ops ” for aircraft operation, and “Part-145”, for aircraft maintenance, these regulations applies to all sectors of commercial aircraft operations in Europe. Our flights are carried out under; “Aircraft Operation Certificate” number IS.033, and maintenance under; “Part 145 Organization Approval” number “IS.145.011” issued by the Icelandic Civil Aviation Authorities.