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Skaftafell – Tour 3  -The lagoon and highest summit

Skaftafell – Tour 3 -The lagoon and highest summit

Travelling in South East Iceland experience flying over the magical glaciers taking off from Skaftafell airport in this wonderfull flight.

In this flight we will fly over the colourful area of Kjós located at the end of Morsárdalur on our way to the highest peak of Iceland Hvannadalshnjúkur(2116 m). The peak is part of … the crater rim of Öræfajökull now filled with ice that spills over to feed it´s outlet glaciers. Öræfajökull has erupted twice in historic times 1362 and 1727. Then we fly over glacier lagoon Jökulsárlón with huge floating icebergs, there we can enjoy the view of the glacier Breiðamerkurjökull and Esjufjöll. This tour offers a great view over the glacier tongues coming of the main Vatnajökull ice cap and the glacier lagoon.

This tour is operated by Atlantsflug a DaytripFactory Partner.

Atlantsflug people in plane

Location /take off : Skaftafell airport (South East Iceland)

Duration: approx. 45 min.

What to bring: Camera and good mood

Tour operator: Atlantsflug a DaytripFactory Partner

The staff of Atlantsflug is experienced and has provided aviation related services to thousands of customers over the years, this being; aircraft charter, sightseeing flights, aerial photography, air ambulance services, air cargo transport as well as aircraft maintenance.

Atlantsflug offers aircrafts that have proven their excellence in Iceland for many years. Our flight operation is conducted under strict “EASA” regulations, known as “EU-Ops ” for aircraft operation, and “Part-145”, for aircraft maintenance, these regulations applies to all sectors of commercial aircraft operations in Europe. Our flights are carried out under; “Aircraft Operation Certificate” number IS.033, and maintenance under; “Part 145 Organization Approval” number “IS.145.011” issued by the Icelandic Civil Aviation Authorities.